August 5, 2013

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Hi, hey there, hello! Are you looking for a some great music to get you through this week? Well, maybe the brand new song of LA's native band The Rebel Light, 'Jukebox Dream', is something where you are looking for! I hear vintage. summer. catchy tunes. A great song to start the week off.

'Jukebox Dream' takes you back to the '60's, when everyone was laying on the beach and were just having a good time. The perfect summer soundtrack. As soon as you start listening to the song, the vintage tunes takes you instantly out of your daily routine and put your in a holiday mood. Just like the title, the lyrics are dreamy and catchy:

Sweet memories
All the moments that I spend with you
Last night I fell for you
I gotta love that's coming true
And now I fell for you

The band recorded the song in their own house: "It has a fun summer throw back vintage vibe to it.  We did all the recording ourselves in our house, instruments in the living room, vocals in the kitchen and we are really happy with the way it turned out.", told the indie-rock band about the recording process. 

Good job guys, because I am also very happy how it turned out and I hope you too.
And I've got even better news. You can simply buy the song here for any price you would like to pay for!

Listen and enjoy:

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-XOXO Marcella

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