Happy Music Monday: The 1975 - 'Girls'

May 19, 2014

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Last year around October, the British band The 1975 released their impressive self-titled debut album 'The 1975'. There are many great song that you can find on this cd, but 'Girls' must be my favorite. This song is indie pop at his finest. 'Girls' has the sound of a 80's pop song, awesome electro (pop rock) sounds and not to even mention that sexy British accent...  It's hard not to press the repeat button when you've heard 'Girls' for the first time. It's pretty addictive, for real.

This song screams 'Summer'. I can totally imagine myself already right now, laying on the beach, while relaxing and listening to 'Girls'. How nice that would be. I know what my summerjam '14 will be.

-XOXO Marcella

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