Happy Music Monday: The Common Linnets - 'Calm After The Storm'

May 12, 2014

As a proud Dutchie, of course I needed to feature The Common Linnets with their song 'Calm After The Storm' as this weeks Happy Music Monday song. This duo were the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. For all other Europeans who also watched last Saturday's final, probably noticed how outstanding this performance was.
It was quite simple: the song includes only 3 chords and incredible vocals of Ilse Delange and Waylon. The Common Linnets brought real music back in the game. Unfortunately they didn't won, but still they made it to the second place. Which is an incredible achievement for The Netherlands!!

The Netherlands has proved it: Less is more! Great job Ilse and Waylon!

What were your thoughts on this year's Eurovision Song Contest?

-XOXO Marcella 

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